Waggles - before

Waggles "before" (incontinence, inflamed, regurgitating meals, low-energy).

Joey ‘Waggles’ Reid is a six year old female pit bull/bull mastiff mixed breed. She is an excellent example of how a biologically appropriate diet alone can result in profound health improvements. Joey had been fed a typical kibble diet over her entire life. Although she was a bit overweight and had trouble holding her urine, her state of health was not considered to be problematic by her veterinarian. She also regurgitated her food 3-4 times per week. She was prescribed a "healthy" kibble diet and Proin, a psychoactive chemical amphetamine agent used to control urinary incontinence in dogs. Her frequent vomiting also was not considered to be a concern. Then, as chance would have it, Joey happened to throw up her recent meal in Noa's car. At the time, Keri (her guardian) and Noa were having dinner. Joey's well timed regurgitation (dogs often display brilliance) led to a conversation about proper canine care and feeding. This conversation led to several lessons on how to prepare a species appropriate diet.

Waggles - after

Waggles "after" (lean, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic eater, healthy).

Within three weeks, Joey's weight issue was resolved, she became sleek, muscular, energetic and powerful. Her kibble diet had been causing an inflammatory immune response. Once Joey stopped consuming these damaging foods, the inflammation and bloating disappeared. Regurgitation also ended after her diet was changed. From day one, she ceased to vomit meals. The dry kibble was the cause of her regurgitation issue and incontinence. The kibble did not provide the nutrients she needed, therefore she overate, and kibble is dry, therefore she drank excessively to offset the unnatural thirst caused by eating dry, irritating foods. Consequently, she was bloated and had a full stomach all the time. This leads to leaking urine, for which she was prescribed a dangerous medication. Two days after switching her diet, the medication was no longer needed. With the support of her loving, and now well-educated guardian Keri, Joey now continues to improve her health every day.

Waggles - profile

Waggles, sleek at the beach. Notice the healthy waist to chest ratio (dogs should not have pot bellies).

Within the first week of changing her diet over to natural foods, I noticed a serious change in Joey. Not only did she have way more energy than normal, she was starting to look different. I knew right away that I could never go back to dog food. She had become puppy-like again, probably acting how a normal healthy dog was supposed to act! Over the next few months everything about her became amazingly different: her coat became softer, her breath didn't smell, no more eye boogers, normal bowel movements! In the first 6 months she lost 15 pounds. When I took her to the vet, he was shocked. Joey was healthier than most dogs that he has seen, and he thought that a lot of dogs could benefit from what I had done for Joey. All of my friends were amazed and agreed that she seemed like a completely different dog. It also is a very strong bonding experience between pet owner and pet to make all of their food. I mean, isn't the ultimate goal to keep your dog around as long as possible? I think anybody that has seen the immediate and long term changes that have happened to Joey would not hesitate to follow the same natural diet path as I did. Keri Reid