brutus - before

Brutus "before" (bloated, inflamed, sad).

Brutus is a 4 year old French Bulldog. He was eating a "healthy weight" kibble diet and displayed many symptoms of a biologically inappropriate diet including allergic inflammatory responses. Brutus was diagnosed as being overweight, he drank excessive amounts of water, frequently vomited after eating a meal and had breathing difficulties. He had surgery to help "clear up" the breathing difficulties. The surgery improved the breathing and snoring symptoms, but did not resolve the issue.

Brutus's guardian sent in his hair for analysis and immediately changed his diet while awaiting the results. Within a few weeks, everything changed. He was no longer "overweight." This was because he never was overweight, he was bloated and inflamed due to an allergic response to his diet. Because his new diet was not dry and provided the correct moisture, he no longer drank excessive amounts of water. Brutus no longer vomits because his diet is species appropriate (a full stomach of incompletely digested kibble is a frequent recipe for regurgitation). Also, he is not bloated from over-consumption and retention of water.

brutus - after

Brutus "after" (sleek, muscular, alert, healthy).

Analysis of Brutus’ hTMA lab results and his diet and medical history made it clear that the issues were an allergic response to an inflammatory diet. The hTMA confirmed that an extremely fast metabolism, low nutrient mineral levels and toxic metal body burden (aluminum and arsenic) had placed Brutus in a constant state of stress, over-activating his immune system's histamine response.

Possibly most important, he no longer has breathing issues. Remember that he was prescribed an expensive, invasive surgery for his breathing issues. Surgery did not resolve the problem because it was actually the consequence of over production of histamine and mucus which was blocking his sinuses. Once the diet was corrected, the allergic response of histamine production ceased and Brutus‘ breathing issues were resolved also.