Batman in action!

Batman is a 10 pound miniature pinscher mixed breed. He was adopted from a rescue shelter at about six months old and had several health concerns. Batman's stool was loose, most bowel movements were watery diarrhea. He vomited a bright red excretion daily, frequently after meals. His tongue and gums were pale color. His coat was coarse and he had chronic conjunctivitis. Testing was negative for canine parvovirus. The health diagnosis provided at his adoption was that he may have food allergies.

Upon adoption, his diet was changed from a dry kibble to species appropriate foods. His first hTMA indicated mercury at 0.014 mg% and aluminum at 3.08 mg%. On his second test, the mercury went up to 0.018 mg% and the aluminum shot up to 14.44 mg%! This is seven times higher than what is currently considered a toxic aluminum level in humans. By his fourth test, taken at two years of age (figure 3), aluminum and mercury have reduced to safer levels. This case is a good illustration of how Batman is continuing to mobilize and remove these toxic metals.

figure 3

Figure 3: Batman's fourth hTMA result.

Batman's toxic metal body-burden explained his health problems, which the diet change alone could not resolve. The prescribed supplements provided his body with nutrient minerals that enabled him to replace the toxic minerals. As these toxins were removed, all the problems quickly disappeared. His health is now excellent. He has a calm but attentive demeanor. This complete healing took approximately one full year. Marked and profound health improvement occurred over the first sixth months, with more subtle improvements since. Batman visits his holistic veterinarian annually for a check-up, where he enjoys a plethora of compliments (and doting). According to the staff, Batman is naturally adorable and uncommonly robust.