Services & Pricing

Animal Elite provides hTMA testing, lab review and interpretation, and consultation services to canine professionals and dog owners across the U.S. and internationally. Medical advice is not provided. If you have a medical emergency, please contact a veterinary hospital immediately.

Canine hTMA (initial test) $175

Download: Initial Test Kit

  • Comprehensive hTMA lab report.
  • Additional notes explaining your results.
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations.
  • Feeding recommendations.
  • One hour consultation.
  • Additional costs: Supplements (varies).
  • Extra consultation, $15.00 per ¼ hour.

example hTMA
Click to see an example report.

Canine hTMA (retest) $125

Download: Retest Kit

An evaluation retest is recommended after two to four months to monitor progress, adjust recommendations as indicated, and to ensure safety and continued positive results.

Low-cost Canine hTMA $99

Financial option. If you are intrested test results only and do not require a consult, Best Test offers high quality TEI lab tests for the lowest cost.