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Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine

The November issue of Dogs Naturally features our article "Energy and Aging." We explore the biochemistry of premature aging, how stress can kill, and offers 3 simple steps so you can enjoy watching your dog age with integrity and grace.

Animal Wellness Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Toxicovigilance and your Dog provides practical tips for what you can do to protect your dog's health. Animal Wellness magazine promotes natural health and encourages you to take preventative action with your dog's health using natural and alternative treatments that are both good for your dog and for the environment. Animal Wellness champions natural wellness methods for ensuring that your dog will lead a happy, healthy life.

Clean Run (for agility enthusiasts)

Clean Run Magazine

Dogs are naturally fast metabolizers, which is why they grow and develop so quickly. In this article, Maximizing Nutrition for Your Dog's Needs we explain how a comprehensive metabolic profile (hTMA) can help you support your dog's biochemical demands by providing him with the nutritional resources. Improving your dog's health naturally with hTMA yields improvements that are often quick and dramatic. By balancing your dog's metabolic rate, you also can slow the aging process and enjoy each other's companionship longer.

Dogs Naturally

Dogs Naturally Magazine

The July/August of Dogs Naturally features our article on the cover. The article ‘Heavy Metals: A Little Known Cause of Allergies’ introduces you to heavy metal toxicity and how best resolve allergies and protect your dog's health.

K-9 Cop Magazine

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Professional working canines are our specialty. Our article about scent performance and protection is featured in the Healthcare section of K-9 Cop Magazine.

A canine's scent capability is renowned, and may be the most important ability for police and military dogs. Our article provides tips on how to recognize and identify some of the symptoms of toxicity. We present a simple, inexpensive solution to help manage toxicity — and preserve and protect your canine's scent capability.